City Tile now sells high quality area rugs in Nanaimo. We have become a distributor from Stevens Omni who only sells the best in quality floor coverings selected from the best weaving mills around the world for their suitability in the Canadian market. Come check out these area rugs at City Tile in Nanaimo today.  For more carpets you can check out...

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I Dream of Travertine

Travertine is one of those stones that is a great building materials with functionality and character.   Nature knew what she was doing with this beautiful material.   In fact, many contractors and home renovators turn to travertine to modernize outdoor spaces like patios, swimming pools and walkways as well as indoor spaces like kitchens and bathrooms....

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Why Quartz? Why not!

Engineered stone has only been around since the late 1960s, however, its popularity as a countertops material has skyrocketed in recent years, as its value and ease of maintenance benefits are more widely recognized amongst leading builders, interior decorators and successful home owners.  There are pages and pages of discussion threads on some of...

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Below the Shine: A Guide to Proper Granite Polishing

Any professional granite installer will advise you your granite needs to be sealed to avoid staining.  Unless you know your granite has been  resonated (a process by which a polyester resin is vacuumed sucked through the granite at the quarry prior to shipping to enhance transportability without breakage but also serves to seal the stone) you need...

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Top Ten wedi USP’s

1. wedi is a market leader in quality and innovation with a proven 30+ year track record offering interior wet room waterproofing solutions for tiled showers. 2. wedi products are 100% internally waterproof and will not allow for mold growth thus eliminating potentially costly repairs. 3. wedi products are backed by an industry leading, comprehensive...

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Don’t Mold it Against Me

If you struggle with basement mold, you are not alone. It’s a common problem in many homes, particularly those with damp, dark basements—conditions which turn your basement into the promised land for mold and mildew. And once it starts to grow, it can be difficult to get rid of.  As always a its easier with the right information… Mold is part of...

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An Easy Guide to Choosing Bathroom Tile

When selecting the best tile for your bathroom, you need to consider more than colour and style. Bathrooms are subject to the most moisture and humidity in the entire house, so choose wisely. With thousands of tile choices, the stress and overwhelm of deciding where to start is real. Help is here! From the floor to the shower stall, backsplash, and...

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Slate Minds Think Alike

Slate is a metamorphic stone. If you can remember back to your middle school science class, that means it’s the result of a transformation of pre-existing rock under great pressure and temperature. It’s no secret that interior design trends tip towards stones like quartz and granite these days. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more...

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How to Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring

If you’ve decided to take the leap into engineered hardwood flooring you won’t be sorry. This lightweight, durable flooring is a great addition to any room and doesn’t require an engineering degree to install. There are four methods of installation: staple down, nail down, glue down, and floating. Application will depend on sub floor and specific...

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The Stain Event

One of the most desirable qualities about natural stone is its versatility. Used in sculptures, monuments, buildings, and yes, floors and kitchen countertops. Hard, colorful and beautiful, yet susceptible to staining. As stone care professionals, we can tell you that when it comes to stone care the most overlooked point is the need to seal against...

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Selecting Vinyl Plank Flooring

Whether you’re in the midst of a home renovation or planning a new construction project, it’s important to choose the best flooring for the space. If you’ve decided to install affordably stylish luxury vinyl plank flooring, consider a few things prior to making your purchase to avoid disappointment. First, you need to take into account the room where...

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All about Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) has come a long way from the vinyl squares and sheets of the past. Now amply available in today’s hottest trends of greys and distressed forms, one exciting aspect of LVP is the extensive selection of colours and styles. Therefore, luxury vinyl planking is a beautiful and affordable way to give new and old homes...

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May the Quartz Be with You

Quartz countertops are a man-made alternative to natural stone countertops..When talking quartz counters names like “Zodiaq” and “Stilestone” come to mind.   These very hard granite-like surfaces are formed from 80-90% quartz pieces fused together with a polyester resin in a large extruded bun from which counter-top think slabs are cut and then shaped...

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The Day After Terrazzo

Back during the time of the Venetians and Romans, marble was already a popular material used for architecture, flooring, and sculpture. As a result, there was a surplus of marble chips and pieces available after the completion of a project or commission. Rather than toss the pieces, stone masons at the time would mix the marble fragments with concrete,...

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Meet Sales Associate Debbie Almey

Meet Debbie Almey. Debbie has been with City Tile since January of 2017 working on the floor as a sales associate. About 15 years ago Debbie had moved to Vancouver Island and was working in insurance when one day she decided that she wanted a change in her life and wanted to try something new. She saw an ad for a sales position at a tile store up...

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New! Wood Flooring

If you’re looking to enhance the beauty, luxury and ease of maintenance of your floors, then look no further than our new engineered wood and luxury vinyl plank flooring collection. Now available at City Tile, you can find both engineered wood and luxury vinyl plank designs to suit your home’s needs. Let’s explore and compare these two types of flooring. ENGINEERED...

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Creative Ways to Use Leftover Tile

Home renovations can often leave us with a number of leftover pieces which end up being stored somewhere in the garage or the basement in a box. Usually it consists of pieces of tile from the kitchen or the bathroom. They may sit in that box for years unopened and forgotten because no one knew what to do with them. Here are a few quick DIY projects...

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Meet Dominic Staniscia

Meet Dominic Staniscia. After years in the corporate world in the 90s, Dominic finally decided he wanted to do something different other than just laying tile. Along with a really good friend who was also the tile business, they developed their idea for City Tile. “We opened the doors November 29, 2002.”             “I used to set tile back when...

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City Tile Now Carries RUBI Tools!

Commencing a new tile project and seeing it through to completion brings with it many rewards. Along with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, nothing says contentment like a job you did yourself. As a do-it-yourself tile installer, you want to be confident you have the best tools at hand to get the job done safely and professionally. Fortunately,...

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Frequently Asked Questions & Best Practices On wedi Building Panels, Fundo Shower Pan Systems & Accessory Products

WEDI BUILDING PANEL What is the wedi building panel? wedi building panel is a waterproof tile underlayment for walls and floors, manufactured by wedi GmbH in Emsdetten, Germany. It consists of an extruded, polystyrene core and is covered in a fiberglass mesh and cement resin coating. The blue foam core is closed cell which does not allow the transfer...

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The Early Bird Gets The Germ

  Natural stone like granite, marble, and travertine can really enhance the aesthetic of a space. There’s just something about having natural materials around that feels right. And the maintenance required for keeping those materials looking their best is the trade-off we make. Stone has an innate appearance of impermeability....

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Why you can’t refuse the Godfather of tile.

When it comes to style, the Italians have always been ahead of the game. Whether its fashion or interior design, they spare no expense when it comes to creating something that’ll turn heads. The most popular tiles to choose from are Italian and Chinese made. So why choose Italian?             When it comes to the quality between the two types of...

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