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Tile Installation Tools

Tile cutters and other tile installation tools are designed and optimized for specific designed uses during the tile installation process. Trying to swap them out for other tools will increase the amount of time you spend tiling. At worst, it can result in damage to the tool, tile and possibly yourself. Just make sure the tools you are using match the tile task at hand.

Wet Saws and Tile Cutters

At City Tile we offer a professional line of wet saw and tile cutters from Rubi Tools. The wide variety of saws and cutters allow us to provide a solution to every type of project. to vire some of our top saws and cutters please visit Rubi’s website.

Diamond Blades and Drill Bits

At City Tile we offer a large range of diamond blades and drill bits. We supply professional brands such as Rubi, Bosch and QEP. This gives our clients and installers a wide range of pricing and products depending on what their project requires. We have an abundance of sizes for both dry and wet cutting. 

Spacers and Leveling Systems

At City Tile we find that it’s a very important part of the tile job to be sure to use the right tools and accessories for the job. Tile Leveling systems and spacers help keep your tile in a guided line and keeps the spacing of each tile the same. We recommend to use a tight joint width for most areas for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Our Rubi/Delta clips and wedges system has been very popular with our new large format tile sizes as it keeps everything from lifting and having ‘toe stubbers’

Trowels and Grout Floats

We gear towards having a large variety and options for the installers/contractors and also a DIY client who is only doing a single job. We have plenty of size options, type of handles and density levels of floats to choose from. Rubi has one of the most complete ranges of trowels, notched trowels and floats on the market.


At City Tile, we strive to be a one stop tile shop for all your installation needs. Come on in and have a look at our vast variety of accessories to help make your installation easier! Here are just a few items to add to your tool collection…

tool mixer rubi