Wonderful Wedi Products for your Custom Shower

Modern life is hectic and busy and time is precious. Often, the shower is the only refuge you have from stress during the day, away from the demands of work and family. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to make it the best customized shower possible. It’s also important to ensure your shower is waterproof so you and your family can enjoy it, worry-free. Wonderful Wedi products, conveniently available through City Tile, help make your shower sanctuary dreams a reality.

Wonderful Wedi Products for your Custom Shower

One of the impressive attributes about Wedi products is the company has been providing bathroom and shower waterproofing options for over 30 years. Wedi further supplies several product choices for custom showers: assorted complete shower systems for tiled bathrooms, safe and efficient building panels, and membrane systems. Wedi also offers shower accessories, such as seats and benches, niches, curbs and ramps, in addition to sub-liners, sealants, and drain covers that deliver the superior results you want.

Wonderful Wedi Products for your Custom Shower

In addition, shower waterproofing solutions are abundant through Wedi, and they make building your customized shower easy and efficient. Wedi further offers innovative tiling systems, and their products can waterproof a tub shower surround, curbed shower, or even a curb-less walk-in shower. Primary features include 100% waterproof foam over entire shower systems and user-friendly product installation, complete with an excellent manufacturer’s warranty.

Builders appreciate Wedi shower systems for a number of specific reasons. For example, all their shower systems come with pre-sloped shower pans that can be cut down but still maintain proper drainage. And although mud pans are less expensive, Wedi can be 2-3 times faster to position, saving both time and money in installation costs. Wedi backer boards are also easy to cut and dust-free when compared to cement backer boards. Clearly, Wedi covers both functionality and quality for all shower renovations and new construction projects.

Wonderful Wedi Products for your Custom Shower

Contractors, homeowners, and craftspeople will all discover exceptional shower possibilities from Wedi. Trades people can be assured that Wedi also provides superior load-bearing underneath tile. Added benefits include 100% built-in waterproofing, lightweight and easy-to-install Wedi-board, Wedi-shower pans that can easily be cut to size, an extensive range of design options, and so much more.

Indeed, waterproofing is the foundation of the shower. With 100% waterproofing and excellent quality substrates, your custom shower will remain dry and safe no matter how complex the design. That equals peace of mind for you and safety for any bathroom construction investment.

Wonderful Wedi Products for your Custom Shower

Finally, Wedi is internationally recognized and awarded for their products. An extra bonus is the Wedi® Corporation is an environmentally friendly choice. You can check out all their specs on City Tile’s product line overview page. Happy custom shower building!

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