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City Tile Now Carries RUBI Tools!

Commencing a new tile project and seeing it through to completion brings with it many rewards. Along with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, nothing says contentment like a job you did yourself. As a do-it-yourself tile installer, you want to be confident you have the best tools at hand to get the job done safely and professionally. Fortunately, City Tile is excited to let everyone know they now carry RUBI Tools to make it all happen.

RUBI Tools has been around since 1951. It all began with the invention of a tile cutter for hydraulic mosaic by the Boada brothers. Maintaining a competitive and progressive stance in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of equipment and tools for cutting and installing tiles over the last sixty plus years, the tool company continues to move forward in tile tool modernization.

For instance, the most recent innovation for 2018 is the launch of the ‘Electric Cutter’ that offers a cutting length of 85 cm, 20 cm more than what was previously available. RUBI Tools has also patented the new “Zero Dust” system to improve working environments. “Tile cutter evolution” and safety concerns continue to be a mainstay of the company.

According to the article “The Top 10 Basic Tiling Tools for Professional Tilers” at, the following are the essential tools for any self-sufficient tile setter:

  1. – Manual tile cutters (varying cutting measurements available).
  2. – Electric tile cutters
  3. – Diamond Blades (types required dependent on tile material and wet/dry cutting).
  4. – Drill Bits (for pipe, drainer, and tap connections).
  5. – Electric Mixer (for mixing mortar materials, such as resins and cement).
  6. Rubber Buckets (simpler to clean than plastic).
  7. Tile Trowels (U-notched or Square-notched).
  8. – Rubber Grout Floats (for finishing).
  9. – Tile Leveling System (for setting and finishing).
  10. – Tile Spacers (for uniform tile spacing and transitioning).


In addition to these handy RUBI tile tools, there is more equipment to consider stocking before beginning a new tile project. Items like goggles, levels, sponge, a tape measure, hammer, carpenter square, rubber gloves, and knee pads will ensure a safe environment for using the tile tools. Additionally, grout, tile adhesive, silicone caulking and sealer, and cleaning cloths, are supplies that work in conjunction with tile tools and help you to perform the most professional job possible.
Milder weather is making now the ideal time for making those tile renovation dreams come true. For further assistance and additional information on RUBI tools, contact the helpful staff at City Tile.