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All about Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) has come a long way from the vinyl squares and sheets of the past. Now amply available in today’s hottest trends of greys and distressed forms, one exciting aspect of LVP is the extensive selection of colours and styles. Therefore, luxury vinyl planking is a beautiful and affordable way to give new and old homes a sleek modern look. Considering all the positive attributes of LVP, it’s easy to see why its’ popularity is skyrocketing.

First of all, LVP simulates natural materials, so it gives the home an instant style boost. This vinyl planking is manufactured to look like stone, such as marble, slate, and travertine, and wood, such as maple, oak, pine, teak, and walnut. LVP is also budget-friendly, waterproof, durable, and simple to install.

What separates cheap vinyl plank from luxury vinyl plank flooring is the thickness, wear layer, quality of embossing (if applicable), size, and warranty. Planks typically come in 36” or 48” lengths. In comparison, authentic wood planks range from 8-12’. Luxury vinyl plank widths range from 6”-7 ¾” wide. The thickness varies—lower quality planks fall in the 2-4mm range, while luxury mostly runs from 6mm and upwards. Also note that LVP is normally waterproof, and not just water resistant like some cheaper versions.

Installation is a breeze for the home handyman. Vinyl plank flooring comes available in glue-down or click-together. The ease of self-adhering LVP is another reason for its popularity. Previously accessible only in glue-down form, LVP also feels more like a real floor, and has cushioning for tender feet from sub-flooring.

LVP can be installed over almost any material, such as concrete, plywood, or even tile. Now you don’t need to spend time and money tearing up old tile. And who doesn’t appreciate vinyl’s softness underfoot? If you’re on your feet cooking and cleaning for extended periods, you’ll appreciate the luxurious supportive qualities of LVP. For ultimate comfort, homeowners are treating themselves to vinyl planks that highlight added layers of padding.

Additionally, LVP features superior insulation and soundproofing over other materials. Vinyl absorbs noise and is an excellent choice for upper children’s bedrooms.

Furthermore, LVP remains at a pleasant room temperature, so even in winter floors feel warm and cozy. The same cannot be said for ice-cold stone flooring. Everyone can appreciate this when rolling out of bed or stepping out of the shower.

The durability of LVP is also a huge appeal. The stability of luxury vinyl planking holds its shape and size against moisture and fluctuating air temperatures. This resilience is far superior to hardwood, with easy sweeping and wet mop maintenance. High quality LVP also retains an extremely durable wear layer. But just in case, replacing one damaged LVP is much easier than repairing a cracked tile—just the one plank can be switched out.

There are a few disadvantages to LVP: it doesn’t improve the value of the home like hardwood or tile, it scratches more easily from sharp objects than laminate, and it requires substantial floor prep prior to installation on uneven floors. However, the drawbacks are outweighed by the benefits.

Given that there are so many differents brands, manufacturers, and styles, it’s prudent to contact a knowledgeable professional to help decide what’s best. Before you know it, you’ll be arriving home to the warmth and pleasure of luxury vinyl plank flooring and happier feet.