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Why you can’t refuse the Godfather of tile.

When it comes to style, the Italians have always been ahead of the game. Whether its fashion or interior design, they spare no expense when it comes to creating something that’ll turn heads. The most popular tiles to choose from are Italian and Chinese made. So why choose Italian?

            When it comes to the quality between the two types of tile, there really isn’t much difference. Both will last for decades without fading, scratching or absorbing water. What really sets Italian tile apart from a lot of the others on the market is the craftsmanship that goes into Italian design. If you put a few pieces of Italian made tile next to its cheaper equivalent, the differences quickly become obvious.

            Budget is often the deciding factor when choosing to renovate your home, and Italian made tile often carries the stigma of a more costly price tag.  But once you’ve calculated the total cost of your renovation, you’ll soon see that the small amount extra you’ll pay for Italian, rather than compromising on a cheaper knock off, will be worth the splurge, providing you with long-lasting quality for decades.

            What makes Italian made worth its weight in price? Italian companies are willing to put more money into their research, design and production processes. As a consumer, in return, you get a product that is well thought out, has a more accurate design, and if you aren’t ready to shell out the big bucks for marble or stone, you’ll get an excellent replica of the natural variation. They’ll look so real that you’ll forget they aren’t, each high-quality tile will have different faces so that the patterns aren’t repeating, making them appear like the they would in nature. Where the Italians excel, is leading the way with established design teams who study natural stone formations in order to ensure that their product brings the outdoors, indoors.

            Another area where the Italians take pride is their attention to investing in cutting-edge technology to allow them to produce more consistent true colour for their products. Often, when it comes to colour, cheaper tiles aren’t able to withstand the firing process on porcelain, which causes a chemical reaction, altering the true intended colour. This is especially noticeable when looking at white or black tiles, whose cheaper cousins may look slightly green, blue or brown. With Italian made, you won’t have to have your tiles replaced in a couple years. You’ll get exactly what colour you want without the compromise, meaning every time you walk into you’re newly renovated room, you’ll do so with a smile.

Let Italian made tiles make you an offer you can’t refuse!

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