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The Early Bird Gets The Germ

  Natural stone like granite, marble, and travertine can really enhance the aesthetic of a space. There’s just something about having natural materials around that feels right. And the maintenance required for keeping those materials looking their best is the trade-off we make. Stone has an innate appearance of impermeability....

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Why you can’t refuse the Godfather of tile.

When it comes to style, the Italians have always been ahead of the game. Whether its fashion or interior design, they spare no expense when it comes to creating something that’ll turn heads. The most popular tiles to choose from are Italian and Chinese made. So why choose Italian?             When it comes to the quality between the two types of...

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Choosing the Right Tile

If you’re looking to update a room or renovate your house, tile is a durable choice of flooring which can be installed in any room. Tile’s versatility, colours, sizes and various designs offers a variety of affordable, durable and convenient options which can be used in a variety of environments. However, when it comes to choosing tile you also need...

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Marble Madness

It seems like every building you walk into nowadays has some sort of marble surface. Businesses may have marble floors, walls, or architectural elements. Homes may have marble décor and kitchen countertops. The appeal of marble is historic, justified and backed by a two-millenniums long love affair with this beautiful material. From the historic...

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Meet Rose Staniscia

Meet Rose Staniscia. Rose is the wife of Dominic Staniscia, and together they started City Tile roughly 16 years ago and have never looked back. Although Rose herself didn’t have any experience in the business before, Dominic already had years working in the industry. Together they had been talking for years about starting a business, “just all of...

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Using Tile in Landscaping

             When we think about tile, we usually think about its’ placement inside the home. In the past, it was not popular to use tile in colder climates like Canada, since the outside elements would destroy the tile in no time flat. Now, however, new material and modern manufacturing methods in tile make your dream of having a tiled outdoor...

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Top Bathroom Tile Trends for 2018

Discovering trends for the upcoming year is fun and gets the creative juices flowing. Taking into consideration one’s current décor can help narrow down which tile trend to incorporate into the bathroom. Consequently, one doesn’t feel obliged to run out and purchase all new décor once the new bathroom is complete. From patterns, colours, and finishes...

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How to keep your household stone looking stunning

Here are three pro tips straight from the experts at MARBLELIFE themselves, for how to keep your household stone looking stunning. 1 – Try a poultice for stains A poultice is a combination of an absorbent medium and a cleaning agent. The ABSORBENT can be a couple of sheets of white papertowels (no printed color) or diatomaceous earth.  We...

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The story of Gretchen Boulanger – “Imagine That! Interior decorating”

Always having an eye for colour, it was an easy decision for her to follow her heart. Setting up her business from nothing didn’t quell her enthusiasm for creating beautiful living spaces. Whether you’re looking for just a colour consultation, or need help designing the interior of a new home from the blueprints, Gretchen values every client’s vision....

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Meet Rob D’Onofrio- “Rob has been with City Tile Warehouse Manager”

Meet Rob D’Onofrio.  Rob has been with City Tile for the past two years as their Warehouse Manager.  Being a friend of the family paid off for Rob when City Tile was looking for a new Warehouse Manager.  Rob brings a whopping 10+ years of managerial experience to City Tile, including three years in the renovation industry where he used to manage...

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Highlighting Natural Stone and Travertine-“City Tile natural stone options”

City Tile offers many types of natural stone options: limestone, marble, ledgestone, pebbles, slate, and travertine. The main benefits of using natural stone include its’ longevity  and it  the increases  value of the home. Natural stone can, in effect, last forever, something that simply does not apply to carpeting. Accordingly, proper maintenance...

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The Stoneware Forest Collection – Inspiration

LA FORESTA DI GRES (THE STONEWARE FOREST)is an imaginary journey through technological innovation, where the beauty and warmth of parquet marry with the practicality and durability of ceramic tiles. A guarantee of the absolute highest quality, but also of eco-sustainable production policies. In LA FORESTA DI GRES  there are no trees to fell, but...

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Manhattan Lifestyle Tile Inspiration

  LA TRADIZIONE NON E’ MAI STATA COSI’ CONTEMPORANEA Manhattan è un prodotto unico, colto, versatile. Il formato tradizionale 10×30, il sapore artigianale e la sofi sticata gamma di colori minerali raccontano uno stile estremamente contemporaneo. TRADITION HAS NEVER BEEN SO CONTEMPORARY Manhattan is a unique, sophisticated and versatile...

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Tile Planners to help with your Tile Design

We have recently added three links in the City Tile main menu under Inspiration: Ariana Tile Planner Flaviker Tile Planner ABK Tile Planner These interactive websites allow you to plan and design your tile project by letting you select your space whether its a bathroom, living room, kitchen, outdoor, or commercial. After you select your space you...

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Increasing Home Value with Natural Stone

What’s the rule of thumb to go by when competing in the construction and design industries? Don’t do what everyone else is doing! Don’t use the same typical flooring options that other builders use just to save money. That is what most builders on a budget are doing. So many builds will look the same—same laminate or carpeted flooring—and even with...

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Meet General Manager Christina Staniscia

Meet Christina Staniscia. Christina has been a loyal of City Tile for the past fourteen years. “Basically, a year after they opened I started working here fulltime,” Christina said. She is one of many in the Staniscia family working at City Tile; it’s truly a family business. Christina is the general manager of the Nanaimo store and handles the...

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Tips on Warming Stone Tiles this Winter

While the advantages of natural stone tile immensely outweigh the cons, one of their prominent cons is that they are chilly on the feet in the winter. However, natural stone is not at all inherently cold and is, in fact, a fantastic heat transference material which retains heat for a long time.  Although stone tiling in a home may call upon the need...

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Water You Doing? Myths About Cleaning With Water

  There are a lot of hard surface cleaning myths floating around the internet, anything from home remedies to “industry secrets.” Unfortunately, some can end up being harmful to your surfaces and the people that come into contact with them, and others simply sound good but are not effective. Would you wash your dirty dishes with only water?...

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Meet City Tile Employee Danielle Staniscia

Meet Danielle Staniscia. Danielle has loyally been with City Tile for five and a half years. Danielle is the daughter of the owner, Dominic Staniscia, and has been around the business since she was eight-years-old.  She is the ideal employee since she has had the opportunity to learn from the family and watch the company grow and blossom into what...

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