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Let’s Talk About Grout


There is plenty of misleading, obsolete, or just plain wrong information out there concerning the correct way to clean stained grout.

From “experts” who swear by using vinegar and other acidic cleaners to grout-cleaning “breakthroughs” peddled by novices or DIY-remedy enthusiasts. The truth of the matter is that cleaning grout is a tricky business that can easily go awry if you don’t know and understand what you’re doing.

Marblelife’s proprietary blend of cleaners, polishers, and sealants are leagues ahead of our competition and backed by over 25 years of stone restoration experience.

For deep-down grease, dirt, and oil that has penetrated your grout there is no better solution than our MaxOut Deep Grout Cleaner. Safe enough to use on delicate ceramic, porcelain, Saltillo, and terracotta yet tough enough to free your grout from dirt and grime.

Despite what some people may say, most grout manufacturers nowadays specifically advise against the use of acids to clean stained or dirty grout. This is because the acids etch into the grout surface, reacting with the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) of the grout lines. This chemical reaction fueled by the acid eats away at the grout, resulting in the need for an entirely new grout installation.

All professionals who regularly work with stone know that it’s much safer and more effective to use an alkaline (pH > 7) cleaning solution like MaxOut Deep Grout Cleaner to clean discolored grout. And rather than the harsh fumes and odors resulting from using acids or bleach, MaxOut has a pleasant orange scent.

On top of our ahead-of-the-curve cleaners and products, Marblelife is also a valuable source of information should you have any questions or concerns regarding your tile and grout cleaning and maintenance. Our talented Stone Craftsmen will be happy to guide you in the right direction towards keeping your surfaces beautiful, clean, and healthy.