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Heated or Unheated, Tile is Prudent

Let’s just face it; carpet is indeed a thing of the past. Even vinyl or wood flooring is becoming nondesirable through the eyes of homeowners. What is easier to maintain than tile?

Lay tile down in the bedroom? That seems absurd but intriguing at the same time. Wouldn’t tile be too cold on the feet when a person rolls out of bed in the morning?

“A lot of people think that tile is cold, but really tile retains heat,” Says owner of City Tile Dominic Staniscia.

Well, believe it or not, this is not a fairytale and people on the lower mainland are not just putting tile down in the bedrooms, but laying tile down in their entire houses.

Do you see tile making its way into the living room and bedrooms of customer’s homes or is it mainly just staying in the kitchens and bathrooms?

“In our market, your right, people are using tiles mostly in bathrooms and kitchens, and mudrooms or foyers,” Says Dominic.“A lot of people are heating their tiles. On the lower mainland where they have hydronic heat, in-floor water heat they are tiling the whole house.”

Is this trend making its way to the island?

“Basically, in our market on the island, not so much.”

Why is that?

“I know why; it’s cost. On the mainland, the houses are worth millions of dollars where here they’re worth a lot less. Hydronic heat which is hot water and in-floor heating is really popular on the mainland because the houses are worth a lot more than here.”

Could we see heated tiles making its way into bedrooms on the island anytime soon?

“On the mainland, yeah.”

But on the island?

“Well, not yet, but houses aren’t worth three million dollars yet.”

“We’re not there yet, but it’s coming.”

Waking up to smooth warm tiles on a bitterly cold winter morning on the island might not be as far off as we think.

In the meantime, a set up can be done with WarmlyYours TempZone Heating Cables, and the Prodeso Cable Installation Membrane or a setup through ProvaHeat can be obtained through City Tile as well.

The WarmlyYours TempZone Heating Cable allows you to bring radiant warmth to any room. TempZone Floor Heating Cable (Twin) is an ultra-low EMF by design. It features a twin conductor with a 15’ cold lead and is available in two voltage options and a range of lengths to meet the requirements of any installation.

Now this classic floor heating product is even more versatile because you can pair it with the the Prodeso Cable Installation Membrane, which is an uncoupling and crack isolation membrane with rounded square-shaped reliefs. The membrane’s unique design allows quick and easy installation, in and out in one day, and the flexibility to adjust to any room size and requires no waiting.

Prova FlexHeat is a multi-functional tile underlayment available today at City Tile. It features a deep groove design suitable for multiple thicknesses of heating cables. The exclusive Vapor Management System and Shear Stress Control system provide an unsurpassed quality in anti-fracture and uncoupling that is designed to outperform the competition. Step onto a finished tiled floor, and a person can rest assured that the warmth and durability of the tile installation will last for years to come.

On the green side of things, these current systems from City Tile produce a very low EMF (electromagnetic field), so a customer can rest easy.

Tile is versatile whether it be to keep your feet cool for a hot July day or to keep them warm on a chilly day in December up here in Canada.

Check out Prova Heat installation video here: