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Kitchen and Bathroom Trends of 2017

“Trend,” is a word that people either hop right on board with, like a train leaving the station, or avoid it like a contagious plague. Often, it comes down to taste and the differences in those tastes through the younger and mature customers.

So, what kitchen designs are trending today in Nanaimo?

“ Natural looking furniture and back to the stone countertops. We see a lot of white cabinets, white on white looks crisp and clean,” said Trish Kostian owner of Muse21 and interior designer. “With property prices as high as they are, people want to show off what they have and what they have bought.”

It looks that subway tiles, white on white, are still big in the kitchen. The tiles come back to the hunger for a crisp and clean look, plus the tiles are heavy on eye appeal but do not break the bank spender’s bank.

Meanwhile, at Nanaimo’s City Tile, staff have noticed a growing demand for large tile.

“We’ve noticed all the tiles that Dominic has been ordering have been very large and have neutral colors,” said Danielle, Dominic’s youngest of three daughters and employee at City Tile.

“The tile world is always changing.”

City Tile sees a trend of Herringbone pattern designs on the floor. Customers pick a solid piece of gray tile and make a Chevron symbol essentially.

The most popular backsplash design that Danielle hears and sees about is the Manhattan series which is four inches by twelve inches.

Whether it is through the eyes of interior designer Trish Kostian see a preference difference in design or through the eyes business owner Dominic Staniscia, they both see trends based on one difference in their customers: age.

The younger generations want to show off what they have, while more matured customers are staying traditional.

Due to a high demand for bright tile colors, and to cater to a younger crowd of customers, “Dom went on a mission to find bright colors,” said Danielle.

Dominic Staniscia is a business owner who will quite literally go on a quest to satisfy his customer’s desires.

Though the mature are still very traditional and the youthful are longing to show off what they have, in both cases marble and stone are a shared interest. A solid countertop look is the desire of 2017.

What is trending in the bathroom?

Trish says that wood tile looks alike that looks like slate have made an introduction into the bathroom. People are finding that it is just simply easier to maintain and, once again, easier on the spender’s pocketbook.

While neutral colored full tile backsplashes are what is happening in the kitchen, that is not quite what is happening in the bathroom. In fact, Trish finds that her customers are browsing “magazines and the internet to find their inspiration” for a bathroom backsplash.

The biggest trend nowadays is “clean lines,” said Danielle from City Tile.

At City Tile, they see more of their tiles that are heading out the door growing in size because the bigger the tiles, the fewer grout lines.