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Increasing Home Value with Natural Stone

What’s the rule of thumb to go by when competing in the construction and design industries? Don’t do what everyone else is doing! Don’t use the same typical flooring options that other builders use just to save money. That is what most builders on a budget are doing. So many builds will look the same—same laminate or carpeted flooring—and even with wood flooring, there’s still just too much maintenance involved to make sure that they look as good as new. Let’s got honest here, who has time for that nowadays?

Buyers: What they’re looking for

In the age of smart homes and artificial intelligence, buyers are looking to buy a house that offers very little maintenance. One doesn’t have to be highly-educated in technology to meet this need. Natural stone floors are going to outlast any other alternative like carpet, laminate, and even wood floors.

Creative Uses for Natural Stone

While most of these aren’t ideal for floorings like Coral Stone or even travertine, some of these natural stone options can be incorporated into a home for different uses as with the more traditional selections of natural stone. Accent walls, beautiful countertops for bars, or creating a herringbone or mosaic pattern are most creative.

Maintaining Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone only needs a small amount of maintenance, and that’s because it’s slightly porous enough to catch a stain only if an annual sealant isn’t applied to the surface. The yearly sealant acts as a stain barrier. Any spills will stay beaded on top of the surface. Treating your natural stone floors with an annual sealant is mandatory for buyers who insist on installing natural stone floors.

Why You Need to Maintain Marble

Marble, for instance, is famous for its shiny, almost reflective surface. This is a feature that can only be adequately retained if they are protected.

Floors undergo a lot of traffic that can buff out the showroom appearance of marble’s shiny surface. The good news is that with minimal cleaning, marble floors can keep its lustrous look that it’s so well known for. As dirt and debris tend to get carried on to marble’s surface, it can become abrasive after a period of time. If the floors aren’t frequently dusted, those little dust particles will eventually start scuffing the surface turning what used to be shiny floors into a matte-like finish.


One should always look for an opportunity to increase the value of their home or investment. Upgrading and renovations are a great way to do that. Natural stone, porcelain, and ceramic tile are making a massive splash in design nowadays, and one should not fray from getting onboard. Frankly, wood floors and carpet are a thing of the past; they essentially work against the value of a home and decrease its value.