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Highlighting Natural Stone and Travertine-“City Tile natural stone options”

City Tile offers many types of natural stone options: limestone, marble, ledgestone, pebbles, slate, and travertine. The main benefits of using natural stone include its’ longevity  and it  the increases  value of the home. Natural stone can, in effect, last forever, something that simply does not apply to carpeting. Accordingly, proper maintenance and care of natural stone will preserve its’ innate beauty.

Maintenance encompasses applying cleaners, sealers, and polishers specifically designed for natural stone upkeep. Travertine in particular is a popular choice in natural stone. According to City Tile interior designer Michelle Staniscia, this form of limestone that was originally used as a building material in Rome, showcases well in kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces.

Michelle says one of the primary benefits of using travertine are the colour, texture and pattern go all the way through so matching up, for example, bathroom tile with trim is not a headache. Furthermore, if the stone is accidentally chipped, it simply blends in as a natural characteristic  of the material, unlike other tile where a repair may be required. As mentioned before, maintenance is the key to keeping travertine looking as new as the day it was installed, so it tends to be more involved than other material. However, the extra time and care pay off over time.

Michelle also indicates that special attention to travertine involves using a sealer and one should definitely not use a high gloss sealer as it tends to streak on travertine. An enhancer may also be used, or the stone can be left with a natural look, depending on personal aesthetics.

City Tile carries both Peruvian and Turkish travertine. Peruvian travertine tends to be denser; Turkish travertine is more porous, which affects the pricing. Additionally, City Tile offers many different styles of travertine tile—Beige, Flamed and Brushed, Latte, and Noce, with sub-categories of each. Photos of the varieties can easily be viewed on the web site or by dropping in to either of the Nanaimo or Burnaby locations.


Natural stone design creates a distinct first impression, along with lasting beauty and value in the home. City Tile carries products that make preserving all categories of natural stone a breeze. Aqua Mix, Dupont, and Marble Life are all trusted brands available for purchase in the store. Dupont is particularly good in professional use; Aqua Mix is the most extensive cleaning line-up; Marble Life is the most eco-friendly of the brands, says Michelle. Therefore, all three brands have specific care and benefits, but all types of care are covered. For further information and assistance, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at City Tile is happy to help you

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