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Top Bathroom Tile Trends for 2018

Discovering trends for the upcoming year is fun and gets the creative juices flowing. Taking into consideration one’s current décor can help narrow down which tile trend to incorporate into the bathroom. Consequently, one doesn’t feel obliged to run out and purchase all new décor once the new bathroom is complete. From patterns, colours, and finishes to the tile materials, the following illustrates what’s new and exciting for tile trends in the year ahead.


            Textures add flow and interest to the bathroom space. Noteworthy textures to watch for in 2018 are raking and three-dimensional designs. Also conveying an artful feeling to the bath are hand-made textures, made to look as if the tile is slightly worn.


            Bolder patterns are coming into play for 2018 bathrooms. This goes for either the walls or floors. The more adventurous designer can delight in choosing hexagonal tiles for the shower floor or wall. One should take care in patterns as too much can overwhelm a small bathroom space. More fashionable patterns showing up are chevron, herringbone, diamonds, parquet, penny round tiles, and crosses. Encaustic patterned cement tiles are moving toward more geometric shapes as well, like cubes or tall triangles. Certainly, incorporating pattern is great change-up to the rectangle.


            While subway tile is still standard in the bathroom, they’re appearing in a larger size than the traditional. Further, new colours

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are becoming available. For a uniquely modern look, renovators can add a contrasting band imbedded along the wall or a contrasting darker colour of grout. Tiny tiles are the square form of subway tiles, giving a graphically retro feel to 2018 bathrooms in brilliant shades of blush pink and navy blue.


            Matte finishes in bathroom tile remain popular since they don’t show water spots as much as glossy finishes. However, they don’t reflect as much light either, so must be chosen carefully depending on the area. Matte lends an earthy sophistication, perhaps less glamorous than gloss. Matte also adds simplicity and contrast to metallic fixtures. Interestingly, 2018 will see some brave souls combining matte and gloss finishes of the same colour. This effect truly brings a bathroom wall to life.



            Many people seek relaxation and sanctuary in their bath areas, so neutrals continue to fit the bill. Soft tones of grey, beige, and cream lend a calming feel to this room. In contrast, glossy black for glitz is making an appearance in sophisticated bathrooms everywhere for 2018.


            Fear not—this is not the orangey look of traditional terracotta. Updated bathroom terracotta tile comes glazed in an array of pretty colours, including pastels. Otherwise known as Zellige tiles, they stem from Morocco. Zellige tile features beautifully in textured backsplashes and tonal showers. They’re also updated in hexagon shapes (see Geometric Patterns). For the truly trendy, one can find terracotta tile in darker clays.


            Currently trending on Pinterest as flooring, terrazzo is showing up on bathroom walls and tiles this year. Care must be taken as it can be slippery. This stone-like speckled material is a gorgeous new addition to any stylish bathroom.


            Wood planking ceramic and porcelain tile are now cut in custom sizes for bathroom floors. This brings a spa-like feel to the room. Find them in finishes such as distressed and white washed for a beach feel.

            Indeed, there is a great deal to choose from in 2018 bathroom tile style. Prior to looking at tile, take pictures of current décor, like candles, pictures, and towel colours. Incorporate current décor with a new tile style and save money. Enjoy a beautiful, trendy new bath space for 2018 and beyond.