Meet Michelle the Interior Designer at City Tile

Meet Michelle Staniscia. Michelle is the interior designer at Nanaimo’s City Tile.

She obtained a diploma in a two-year course in interior design at what was Malaspina but is now Vancouver Island University (VIU). Michelle handles a lot of the marketing, sales and of course interior design at City Tile.

She is a loyal employee of 11 years!

Michelle brings superior design skills; an ability to read and measure floor plans and her capacity to lay out safe planning makes her an extremely valuable interior designer.

In her spare time, being artsy, she enjoys sketching, painting, and taking frequent road trips around the island as well as traveling when she can.

“When I am not here, that is what I like to do, but I am here quite often,” Michelle said.

Being the interior designer, Michelle sees and is up to date with all the trends, fads and upcoming designs in the industry and especially what is blooming here locally in Nanaimo.

So, what’s trending and up and coming currently in Nanaimo?

“I would say large format tiles; we’re hoping, will actually make its debut because that’s where a lot of Europe is going. And we hope, one day, that people will actually do that on backsplashes, fireplaces and feature walls.” Michelle said.

“Wood tiles, that’s a big thing too.” As well as big formatted porcelain tiles that are four foot by eight foot.

Is there a difference in taste varying from the younger and older customers?

“Actually, not as much as you think,” Michelle said.

With such a wide customer age range, from young to mature, and younger generations trying to get into the housing market, Michelle says that she does not see a difference in preference. Though their customers vary, whether it be the newly married or life partners who have been together their entire lives, the current tastes, and desires from both are essentially the same.

There is, however, a misconception from any age regarding polished tile.

“They’re not as slippery as everything thinks they are.”

When it comes to color scheme, no matter the customer, everyone wants to brighten and liven their places up as much as he, she, or they can with vibrant colors. So, lighter tiles are what people are seeking, and anything they can get as close to white.

Is there anything people are inquiring about or asking for that City Tile simply can’t supply?

“They’re wanting really thin tiles and really long tiles that we just can’t seem to find. I’m talking like two inch by twenty-four. For some reason they want it to look like the paneling of wood, but thinner.” Michelle said.


Michelle said that no one seems to supply that specific type of tile. It is a trend that spurting up from nowhere.

As a designer, Michelle says she sees many people wanting to do more full floors and tile. She also added that the initial cost to install heated floors is more than equipping a home with baseboard heating, but regarding longevity, it will prove to be cheaper than traditional heating methods. In fact, it is just pennies a day compared to other heat sources.

“I’ve seen too many houses where they don’t heat the floor, and they always regret it.”

If you happen to be in City Tile, and you have a question regarding design do not be shy and ask.





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