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2019 Bathroom Trends

Bathroom trends are a little more sensitive towards fashion and design trends. A lot needs to be carefully considered because investing in bathroom renovations can be quite a bit more than some other spaces in the home. Ultimately, the size of your bathroom space will play a big part in the design inspiration you decide to embrace.

2019 Bathroom Trends

Statement Walls

Nothing brings a room to life than having a statement wall. Gone are the days when you have wall to wall wallpaper or artistic paint jobs which can sometimes overpower a small space. Try opting for just redoing one wall in the bathroom to help add character to an otherwise boring space. It’s a cheap and easy to change a space up. Great if you’re looking to liven up a small space.

Statement Art

If painting an entire wall isn’t your thing, simply switching up the artwork in the bathroom can really change the atmosphere. If you’re going for a more minimalist look, adding a dash of elegance or a splash of color with a beautiful piece of art on the wall really creates a dramatic effect.

2019 Bathroom Trends

Marble Slabs & Hidden Drains

If you travel frequently, then there’s a good chance you’ve come across this concept in a hotel. Nothing makes cleaning easier than installing marble slabs to help reduce all that gross build-up in grouted tile. Sand-blasted slabs are perfect for a non-slip shower surface, couple that in with a hidden drain for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Infrared Saunas

The perfect way to make use of a small bathroom nook is to create an infrared sauna. If you’re only going to upgrade one thing in your bathroom, adding a wooden bench with some infrared sauna lighting will give you an instant high and health benefits without the clunkiness of a regular sauna.

Art Deco Influences

Nothing screams sophistication and elegance more than art deco. With a mixture of subtle and bold patterns, exposed plumbing under the sink, patterned tile floors. While classically decorated in black and white with hints of gold or brass, adding a splash of Tiffany blue or seafoam creates a soothing atmosphere. It’s time to bring vintage back.


If modern and simple is more your style, concrete is huge, especially in newer high-rise luxury apartments. But even if you can’t afford a luxury apartment, with a little creativity and concrete plaster you can bring this look to your home. Try warming up the space with some wood features or porcelain and resin. Create a more modern look by adding asymmetrical fixtures and accessories.


2019 Bathroom Trends

Spa-like Designs

Bring the spa experience home. If you fancy yourself a bath lover, then you’re sure to appreciate the extra attention to the bath area of your space. Marble accents are great to create this elegant and relaxing space along with some elegant golden wood accents. Brushed metal faucets, white towels and shelving nooks for your candles and incents. After a long day at work, nothing will be able to keep you away from unwinding in your tub with your favourite scents and relaxing music.

Compact Storage

Bathrooms can tend to become quite cluttered with toiletries, towels and other knickknacks. Compact storage areas, cabinets and shelves will help present a simplified manner that promotes minimalist habits. This lifestyle is believed to help relieve stress and keep you organized. With less clutter around, your bathroom will feel more open and organized. After all, your bathroom is a relaxation sanctuary.