How to Save Big Money on Bathroom Renovations

Ruminating about how expensive a bathroom renovation will be can cause anyone to break into a cold, panicked sweat. But before you talk yourself out of beginning, remember that bathroom renovations don’t have to break the bank! There are various ways to save, on tiles to toilets, all leading to a brighter, newer bath and a beneficial investment in your home.

How to Save Big Money on Bathroom Renovations

  1. Plan ahead. Write a detailed list of what needs to be done and draw up a budget of potential material and labour costs. This will help you remain in control of expenditures.
  2. Maintain existing plumbing and instantly reap enormous savings.
  3. Ask for a tile expert’s assistance pricing out various styles and designs. They can also show you how to measure for tile correctly so you don’t over-purchase.
  4. Write a list of materials required, including tools and building supplies; research best prices.
  5. Remember to include everything in your list. For example, tiling requires cement backer board, glue, tile tools, and grout. Call friends and family to see if they have leftover materials from their renos.
  6. Choose tile wisely. A knowledgeable sales associate can help you choose grout colours and creative tile patterns within your budget without sacrificing style.
  7. Select lower-cost open shelving that still provides ample storage space.
  8. Buy the highest quality bathroom fixtures your budget permits. Needing to replace peeling chrome fixtures after five years is not cost-friendly.
  9. Shop around for light fixtures. Bathroom lighting is important, and you can still find excellent quality lighting for reasonable prices.
  10.  Buy a less expensive bathroom sink—they don’t receive the wear and tear of a kitchen sink, and no one will be the wiser.
  11.  If the bathroom mirror is showing wear around the edges, why not frame it instead of replacing it? Not only will it give the entire room a sharp new look, but it will save you the cost of a new mirror.
  12.  Remember there is no hard and fast rule that says you have to tile all the way up to the ceiling. Save by partially tiling the shower surround and painting the rest.
  13. Consider a stylish line of tile around the vanity or a small statement mosaic.
  14. Select vinyl flooring tile over ceramic for budget-friendly floors.
  15. A bathroom vanity need not be brand new—explore second-hand and salvage stores.
  16.  If the toilet is still in great working order, perhaps only the lid requires replacement.
  17.  Instead of a pricey solid stone counter, use tile—it can offer a similar look and provide water resistance too.
  18.  A vanity backsplash or one wall in the shower can be tiled to make a statement instead of tiling the entire bathroom—much more economical.
  19.  Stick with one vanity sink instead of two and double the savings.
  20.  DIY can shave thousands off your remodel bill. Start watching those ‘How-to Tile’ YouTube videos!

Remodeling a bathroom is always a good decision. Whether you DIY or hire a contractor, take control at the beginning and use that extra savings for something else.

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