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How to keep your marble marble-ous

Marble is one of the world’s most beautiful natural stones with various colors and styles to choose from, marble fits seamlessly into any room or project. However, some people worry about owning and caring for marble. They worry about damaging it or may (mistakenly) think that marble is a high maintenance stone.

The good news is that MARBLELIFE is your solution and knowledge repository for all things marble and marble care (I mean, it’s the first half of our name).
You’ve read the newsletters. You are reading the newsletters, right? Then you should know the answers to these four marble care questions:

1.  Is it necessary to seal marble?

Although it certainly looks beautiful in its raw natural state, the truth is marble is a soft porous stone meaning spills can absorb right in and leave a stain. Spilled substances may react with the marble itself, resulting in staining or worse yet, etching.  Etches are generally white, and reflect areas where a chemical has literally dissolved away the stone leaving a hole or pit.  Sealants keep spills on top of the stone, reducing the risk of staining, giving you time to clean up.

2.  How often do I need to seal my marble?

We recommend you seal your marble annually. There can be exceptions, of course. If your marble is in a very low traffic area that doesn’t see much interaction, then it may require less frequent sealing.  That said, it is not wear that attacks a seal, but rather acids.  So acidic cleaners, spills or food preparations can reverse seal chemistry and float away your seal.

3.  Which type of sealant should be used?

When it comes to proper sealing, it is essential to use a penetrating marble sealer like MARBLELIFE® Stone Sealer. Not a topical sealer. Penetrating sealers work into the pores of the stone offering plenty of protecting while still allowing the stone to breath, and without interfering with the natural appearance of your surface.   Topical sealers, however, sit on the surface of the stone and will alter the stone’s appearance and performance.  If the intent is to modify the surface appearance, topical sealers can serve a purpose, but generally a penetrating sealer is your friend here.

4.  Will sealing prevent marble from staining at all?

Nothing can make marble – or any stone, for that matter – stain-proof. However, sealing your stone at a regular frequency does significantly slow down the absorption of liquid into the stone.  It buys you time to clean up without damage or staining.

To learn more about caring for marble and other types of natural stone such as granite, travertine, and limestone, or If you have additional questions about stone care, feel free to call MARBLELIFE today or visit your local MARBLELIFE office.