Importance of Tiles in Interior Design: Bathrooms

Tiles serve more than just their function as a protective surface for areas of your home. They play an important role in the interior design of your home by creating an atmosphere which adds to the look and feel of the living space. Because of this importance, it can sometimes be difficult to choose from the myriad of styles, colours, textures, shapes, and materials.

Importance of Tiles in Interior Design: Bathrooms

Although the internet provides a near infinite supply of information, facts, pictures and opinions on the matter, it also requires copious amounts of time to sift through. Consulting an interior designer is definitely useful in order to obtain some good advice on making the correct selection with the minimum amount of time and effort.

Ceramic tiles are the most common choice for today’s modern homes. With such a vast selection of design possibilities, you are sure to find something which will meet your specific requirements. Having such versatility, they can be used virtually anywhere in the home including, walls, fireplaces, ceilings, and floors. By delivering thermal, chemical, and mechanical characteristics, ceramic tiles are resistant to impact, force, stain, and water absorption. They are an easy and cost effective way to update any space.

Importance of Tiles in Interior Design: Bathrooms

Highly recommended for bathrooms, non-porous and slip-resistant tiles are perfect to not only provide you with the functionality you require, but will also add to the ambiance by aesthetically creating a unique look. Neutral tones are often sought after to create a more relaxing environment, but if you’re looking to bring a bit of energy and a pick-me-up, try a splash of colour.

When deciding on the size of tile to be used, always consider the size of the space in which you’re placing them. For example, larger tiles in a small place can make the space appear even smaller than it actually is. One important aspect, which many fail to do, always purchase a few extra tiles. It would be unfortunate to have to compromise certain design aspects should you run out, plus, you never know if you’re going to break or crack one during the installation process. They’re also beneficial to have for replacements should one get damaged over time.

From traditional cement tiles, faux wood, to 3D designs, terrazzo, bright colours, and classic porcelain, there is a design option available to suit even the most creative mind. Ceramic tile is the easiest way to help you design your lifestyle. As any guru or psychologist will tell you, our outward environments in which we live play a big role in reflecting our inner mind, and interior design is the quickest and most cost effective way to help you reflect that which you desire. If thoughts become things, than our home can truly become our castle.

Importance of Tiles in Interior Design: BathroomsImportance of Tiles in Interior Design: Bathrooms

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Importance of Tiles in Interior Design: Bathrooms

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