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The Advantages of Area Rugs

Designing the various rooms in your home is a fun, but daunting, task. With a staggering choice of tile, stone, and hardwood flooring choices to make, it can be a relief when you finally get to view and enjoy the finished product. But is it finished? Area rugs offer several significant benefits to your home, along with a whole other arena of choices to make.The Advantages of Area Rugs

Fortunately, City Tile provides an amazing selection of Stevens Omni area rugs to complete your home design and bring everything beautifully together. But first, exactly what are the advantages of purchasing an area rug?


Interestingly enough, area rugs can reduce suffering for the allergy-prone by trapping allergens. Indeed, adding an area rug can reduce the amount of dust and pollutants floating through the air when compared to an all-wood or all-tile home.


You may choose all hues of colour and design in area rugs that greatly impact overall aesthetic. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can change the entire look of a room with a bright and bold colour and design that pops. Furthermore, an area rug with, for example, a geometric pattern, can be used to accent the same geometric pattern in other décor, such as throw pillows and art pieces. Imagine the possibilities!


Area rugs only require a quick once over with the vacuum, while flooring requires both washing and vacuuming. In the case of stone, it may also require periodic treatment with a stone protector.


Your tile or stone investment is protected with a cushioning area rug covering the surface.


Kneeling on hard flooring can be hazardous the older we get. Kneeling on area rugs is much gentler on the knees, and much more fun to play on with the fur family too. There is also the visceral pleasure of running your hands over a nice thick carpet.


Standing on a hard surface all day is harsh on even the toughest backs and joints. Standing on a soft or cushioned surface greatly increases one’s comfort and can increase time working in the kitchen too, for instance.


Tile and hardwood flooring really increase noise pollution inside the home, and who wants that after the racket of life in the outside world? Well-placed area rugs absorb the noise of many running feet; echoes are also lessened.


Soft flooring underfoot also softens the look and overall feel of the home. Your entire family, including your four-footed family members, will enjoy the welcoming warmth of area carpeting.The Advantages of Area Rugs

If you already have a design theme in mind for your home, such as West Coast style or 70’s Chic, it makes picking your area rugs that much simpler. Stevens Omni area rugs boast trendy and classic designs to suit all tastes, made specifically suitable to Canadian customers. They are also sourced from weaving mills worldwide for their quality and unique characteristics.

Without a doubt, placing area rugs strategically throughout your home has the potential to create any type of environment you desire. The options are intoxicating indeed! Discover new design innovations with City Tile’s fantastic Stevens Omni selection of carpeting for all your stunning flooring spaces.