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Selecting Vinyl Plank Flooring

Whether you’re in the midst of a home renovation or planning a new construction project, it’s important to choose the best flooring for the space. If you’ve decided to install affordably stylish luxury vinyl plank flooring, consider a few things prior to making your purchase to avoid disappointment.

First, you need to take into account the room where the flooring is to be installed. Since luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) is waterproof, it is ideal for kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, and washrooms—basically anywhere moisture may be an issue. Nonetheless, LVP looks fantastic in any room of the home, so outfitting the entire space with it present a seamless flow and modern feel. Be cautious of purchasing the cheaper versions of vinyl plank flooring that are only water-resistant, not waterproof.

Other factors to think about include the amount of traffic that will be passing through different areas of the home. How much cushioning do you require? For high-traffic areas and places where people will be standing for long periods, a more expensive luxury vinyl plank flooring with a thicker wear layer will provide much-needed padding and comfort. It pays to spend time comparing various thickness and wear layers of LVP to find the one that suits your future needs. Total thickness of high-quality LVP starts around 6mm.

Next, consider your budget. Price ranges for LVP are moderate to high, and most people recommend not going with cheap vinyl plank flooring. Not only does it usually require glue-on, it is thinner than LVP and much less durable. For longevity, go as high as your budget allows or you may be facing imminent repairs.

Fortunately, vinyl plank flooring is much more affordable than wood plank, but often cannot be differentiated by experts. Luxury plank offers the modern beauty of wood, or even stone, without the hefty price and maintenance headaches of more expensive flooring materials. Indeed, LVP runs 5-10 times less expensive. Certainly, you will discover a LVP style to fit any budget.

Glue-down vinyl flooring is available, but luxury vinyl plank flooring can easily be installed by any self-respecting do-it-yourself handyperson. The click-technology ease of LVP is a major reason for its appeal.

On a final note, also think about the transition of vinyl planks into other types of flooring, if applicable. The thickness of the vinyl plank must be correctly matched to existing flooring to make transitions to other rooms smooth and attractive.

Consider all the daily requirements in your living space. Invest in the LVP flooring that will pass the endurance of time while giving you pleasure for decades to come.