Evoking Style and Grace with Ledgestone

Ledgestone is sometimes referred to as “stacked stone” because the rectangular stripes of natural stone are most often used in a stacking profile, most commonly used to create focal points around fireplaces. The edges are often flat and smooth for easy installation, while the face of the stone maintains its rough textures surface. As with any stone, there are bound to be advantages and disadvantages to decorating with this stone in and around your home.

Evoking Style and Grace with Ledgestone

The stunning appearance of using a ledgestone is probably its most prominent advantage. The difference textures and colours in a ledgestone make it ideal for adding rusting flare or a splash of elegance to any room, although it is most commonly used around fireplaces and in bathrooms, but can also be found on the exterior of homes either showcasing the front entrance or used as an accent around the home. Depending on the size of your home, you may also find it accenting columns or posts.

As with any natural stone, it’s heavier than tile or porcelain. Because of this, installation should be done with special materials in order to ensure that the stone remains fixed to the walls. Because most ledgestone has a rough surface, it can require more difficult cleaning when used in bathrooms, especially if used in showers. You may want to opt for a smoother face or sealed and completely grouted tiles so that they are easier to clean. Flat designs with rectangular stripes are popular options.

Evoking Style and Grace with Ledgestone

It’s rare for ledgestone to be used for an entire room, most often you’ll find it along a hallway or one accented wall of a room. Having a fireplace done in ledgestone is most common because it’s easy to do. Not only does it create the perfect focal point for any living space, but it instantly adds a heightened sophistication when you’re opting for only minor home decorating renovations. Here are four other creative ways you can add Ledgestone to your home décor. An accent wall, if you don’t have a fireplace then this is the best alternative to give you a great rustic vibe. A shower surround creates a comfy, earth space where you can get your day started. If you’re not keen on doing the main bathroom in the home, opt for one of the smaller secondary bathrooms. Support columns in your basement are a great way to bring to life your basement living space and keep it from looking like a dingy basement which never gets used. Creating a family living space by accenting the support columns with Ledgestone helps the space really come alive. And finally, if you’re looking to re-envision your kitchen, trying using Ledgestone as an island cover. If you’re island has cupboards, just accent one of the main outward facing sides which gets the most views from the rest of the home.

Check out City Tiles selection of Ledgestone online or in store and speak to one of our design specialists to help ensure that you make the right decision for all your design and home renovation needs. With almost a dozen colours and textures, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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