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What Does 2020 Have in Store?

We are well into a dynamic new year and a fresh decade of style influences. Indeed, the year ahead promises to be anything but boring—so why should your tile be? With so many changes in our ever-changing world, it’s easy to infuse a dash of new tile spirit into your living space.

Although classic neutrals and subway tile remain popular, there are several unconventional tile options in store for 2020. Undeniably, technological advancements in tile manufacturing has created a dramatic tile revolution.


Primarily, big tile is huge for 2020. Large format tile equals fewer grout lines, creating a visually more spacious room. Even glass tile is available as large as 24”x24”. Indeed, 36”x36” tiles beg for pattern and texture in daring shape and colour schemes.


Next, designers can truly create a masterpiece by combining the bigger tile and bolder patterns coming to the forefront in 2020. Minimalism be damned! Bring on the geometrics and mixed-width tile patterns. Hexagon tile also becomes more futuristic with eye-opening patterns.

Escape the usual horizontal subway tile by taking them vertical for an unconventional scheme. Enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers are also opting for unique tile shapes, such as graphic mosaic treatments or elaborate floral designs for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes.

In addition, bolder patterns encompass novel texture trends such as distressed wire-brushed and hand-scraped looks in faux-wood tile. Sensational three-dimensional fabric textures like elegant linen or inviting silk makes for uplifting floor tile.

Lastly, speckled exterior tile inspired by nature thrills for 2020.


New tile colours are also noteworthy for 2020. Tie in a backsplash with coloured kitchen cabinets and now you have a fresh, invigorating view to begin your day.

Trending hues of muted green, blue, pink, and yellow pair perfectly with the larger-scale tile patterns. If you’re not convinced, you can always make a statement with an uplifting laundry room renovation to start.

Lighter grey and whitewashed flooring tile are also trending for a more laid-back, West Coast beach vibe.


Marble tile receives a modern makeover with bigger slabs incorporated into bathroom vanities and walls. Modernized marble also makes a kitchen countertop luxurious.

Faux marble is now manufactured in ceramic in an authentic, but less expensive, look. No doubt about it, timeless marble tile can make a bathroom feel like an upscale spa.


Improved tile manufacturing technology equals more realistic looking wood tile. Planks remain popular in kitchens and bathrooms, but are available wider and longer, and in lighter greys.


Wood patterned tile is attractive for many reasons, including the desire for more natural looking home design. Designers will be blending wood, concrete, and other natural looking tile material for a current look. Even fabric or marble tile paired with wood delivers a cutting-edge statement.


For a cleaner look in the kitchen, large sized tile suits the industrial design trend. Furthermore, 2020 delivers concrete and stone-look tile, opening the doors to numerous design possibilities.


Glossy new tile lights up the year ahead with renewed energy. Mirrored and metallic tile in the backsplash glows. Metallic tile also stands out on bathroom floors and accent walls.

Fortunately, there are plentiful tile textures, colours, and shapes available for your upcoming 2020 tile project. The tile forecast is warm and lively—find out more and visit our store. Our knowledgeable staff has the design inspiration to get you shifting into a bright new future.

Article written by Tara Panrucker