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Your Go-To Resource for Schluter

Bathing every day can be a routine daily chore or a calming, sensual experience. City Tile is excited to offer a few excellent waterproofing membrane solutions and shower systems to our customers. As an Authorized Schluter® Dealer, City Tile staff provides cool style and visual modern accents to your daily shower encounter. Why just bathe when you can shower in a cascade of beauty, along with the confidence of knowing your tile is properly sealed from leaks?

Schluter® Shower Systems, weatherproofing membranes, and accessories are widely available through our showroom. Manufactured using less waste than other shower systems, our cutting edge designed accessories bring life and luxury to your spa space. Our clients also appreciate that Schluter® is a socially responsible company, dedicated to incorporating recycled material into certain products.

Furthermore, Schluter® produces niches, drains, matting, curbs, and so much more. You can purchase an entire Shower System Kit to streamline installation. The shower system practically eliminates the possibility of costly waterproofing failures. If you have never completed a shower installation before, this kit is a lifesaver. The kit not only accommodates waterproofing, but also ensures a quality tile installation over your substrate. You want a watertight install, and the system forms a watertight assembly for any tiled shower.

Our team recommends the Schluter® system due to its numerous benefits. Schluter® offers workable solutions to tile installations that are quality-tested. Their products are also manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities worldwide. 

Smart homeowners value the importance of protecting the subsurface in any bathroom renovation. You require the correct membrane to prevent water from getting under tile work. Our staff are qualified and very knowledgeable about how to prepare your shower, tub, bathroom or anywhere tile may be exposed to moisture. Fans of the Schluter® Shower System say they provide a virtually leak-proof shower system, proven to stand the test of time. 

Innovative products continue to arrive from the company. The new Schluter®-SHELF immediately amps up your shower design and functionality. This practical accessory, made with solid stainless steel, comes available in a variety of shapes and configurations to suit your tastes. Moreover, some of the shelves can be retrofitted to tile without the hassle of drilling holes for installation. This cool new shelving was created to match the Kerdi-Drain and Kerdi-Line. All these products can be matched in the trendy choices of Floral and Curve.

City Tile’s remarkable selection of new products are sure to fulfill any new home build or renovation you have on the go. Our knowledgeable staff can explain how to prepare your shower with the Schluter® shower systems and weather proofing membranes. Check out the newest product video here: