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The Timeless Appeal of Natural Elements

Explore new builds and you’ll see the ongoing trend in earth tones and raw materials. Building with natural elements in mind is a look toward not only a timeless but trendy design aesthetic. Enduring value and curb appeal are what building with natural materials offer architects, designers, homeowners, and homebuyers.

When considering the exterior of a new home or business, builders are aware how consumers are drawn to the inherent warmth of earth tones in the design. From natural wood to modern sheet metal, potential customers and home buyers admire the aesthetically pleasing warmth and cosiness of natural products.

Builders also choose natural elements because many natural materials are environmentally sustainable and an eco-friendly choice. Naturally occurring materials create a less toxic footprint than man-made materials do in the manufacturing process. This translates into a lower environmental impact.
Key natural design elements include:


Natural exterior siding colours blend in organically with the landscape. Innately calming earth tones are a warm and welcome choice for any build. From browns and greys to greens and blues, earth tones are here to stay. Additionally, clay tones (think sienna and umber) provide a pleasantly warm visual.


Many types of wood, including Western Red Cedar siding, are extremely popular in new exterior designs. Sustainably sourced from the coastal rainforests of Vancouver Island, cedar is desirable to consumers for its natural warm tone and amazing aroma, among other reasons.

Outdoor Cedar decking also survives harsh Canadian elements while resisting decay. Meanwhile, Douglas Fir makes a statement in the home when used for wide plank flooring and natural light colour and wood grain.


Natural stone comes in a wide array of colours and is not only available from nature but blends perfectly when designed with genuine wood. No two stones look the same and every build is unique and pleasing. For example, an exquisitely combined metal and stone exterior instills a sense of timelessness that resonates with homeowners for years to come.


The greys of sheet metal also blend handsomely when designed with natural wood and stone. Corrugated siding provides visual interest and comes available in a variety of metals that are easy to recycle, long-lasting, and often corrosion resistant.


Incorporating more windows provides outdoor views from any area of the home. Windows also deliver more natural daylight into the home interior year-round.
Earth-based elements provide lasting comfort and beauty—this extends to outdoor landscaping and living spaces, such as natural wood decking. Appealing elements like a flagstone pathway and gorgeous wood pergola complement a natural exterior and create new spaces for entire families to enjoy.

Undeniably, spaces with purpose are attractive to home buyers. From a rustic reading nook to a natural stone outdoor kitchen, there are endless ways to blend the home exterior in beautifully with surrounding nature.

Well-planned exterior design should always be a major focus in new builds. Wise designers incorporate natural materials and tones for exterior updates since they know it achieves a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. From curb appeal to enjoyment of outdoor spaces at home, building with natural earth tones and materials is an excellent way to increase the value, and everyone’s enjoyment, of the home.