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Prova Board Sale

Prova Board Sale

Ends October 31, 2023
Only in Courtenay and Nanaimo

Product Details

PROVA BOARD® PLUS is a lightweight, high-density tile backer board that is quick and easy to install. The 100% waterproof XPS (extruded polystyrene) core is resistant to vapor pressure and does not support mold growth. The XPS core is sandwiched between tightly woven mesh and layers of cementitious coating. Install with screws and fasteners and joint sealant to guarantee a watertight installation.

  • Install on walls, countertops & fireplaces
  • Great for tub surrounds, walk-in showers & building benches
  • Offers support for large format tiles
  • Non-deteriorating/non-rotting properties
  • Highly durable & flame retardant
  • Premium polymer-modified thin-set mortar is required for installation. Premixed mortar or mastic is not to be used