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Make Your Backyard Stand Out This Summer

Homeowners admittedly spend a great deal of time deliberating about how to make their home interiors look fabulous and maybe even how to make a statement in, for example, the bathroom. But what about creating a stunning exterior in the backyard with innovative design and perhaps some well-placed, impressive tile?

Surely, you’re not going to spend more time outdoors if your exterior living space is dull or just not functional. Here are some tips and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing and discover exciting new outdoor satisfaction.


• The family chef will appreciate this suggestion—build a well-designed outdoor kitchen on the deck. Make it remarkable with a big BBQ, accessories, a colour tile countertop, bar, and the sought-after beer fridge. Now you’re set for alfresco dining—bon appétit! 

• Create a private sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of life. Plant several tall trees to hang a hammock or two and nap your worries away. Sleep is such an important element of well being, a peaceful nap space with soft chimes, warm blankets, and a neck pillow is all you need. And perhaps an aromatic Cedar privacy screen (or three) installed for guilt-free snoozing.

• Build a gorgeous gazebo for a striking backyard focal point. A covered space can be enjoyed no matter what the weather. Throw down a patterned outdoor rug for happy barefoot walking and add a daybed for stealing naps!

• Install a tile fire pit smack dab in the middle of your lawn. Surround it with comfortable Adirondack chairs in whatever brilliant colour you desire and cozy up for many stellar summer evenings of fire-gazing, guitar playing, and chatting the night away with friends.

• Why pay for expensive spa trips when you can have your own themed spa, conveniently located on the patio? A roomy hot tub with built-in drink holders will bring the coveted pop to your living area. Enhance the space with tropical, safari, or vintage themed décor for dramatic effect.

• Innovative landscape design always stands out. Multi-level terraces, carefully placed rock and boulders, complete with soft landscape lighting provides that “I’m at a resort” sensation to all who visit.

• Natural stone walkways gracefully accent any backyard and provide a natural flow when thoughtfully placed.

• A relaxing water feature brings a whole other level of serenity to the backyard. Just add river rock and pebble tile and you’re instantly transported to the country.

• A newly tiled deck space makes the backyard stand out in style. Perhaps an upgrade is in order? Large format stone tile brings modern ambience to your yard.

• Build a gorgeous feature wall of natural stone and plantings to give your green space vitality.

• Private sitting areas designed in the backyard offer study space, meditation areas, or blissful yoga spots. Place outdoor tile, benches, and wood chairs for seating and hang some groovy retro lights for added flair.

• Nothing impresses like an inground pool in your backyard, sparkling under the sunshine. Brilliant blue waters set against natural stone tile around the perimeter feels like a permanent vacation.

As your budget allows, you can install strategically placed art pieces, such as metal sculptures and wood carvings, for additional conversation pieces. Remember to plant fresh flowers and shrubs that bring further sensual delight to your backyard.


Most Canadians spend winter tucked inside the homes away from harsh weather. Summer is prime time to get outside and live in your dream oasis suited to your unique lifestyle. From a shiny new outdoor kitchen with a kick-ass BBQ to a screened off hammock oasis, City Tile is here to help you with the ideal tile selection for your space.