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How to get Creative with your Laundry Design

The perpetual chore of laundry can be tedious and mundane. However, your laundry room shouldn’t be. Remember the dank, dark laundry spaces hidden away in the basements of our parents and grandparents? Thankfully, we have more attractive design options for laundry spaces today. Your laundry room can be a bright, well-organized place that makes doing laundry fun, or at least more orderly.

Big or small, there are endless storage options to make laundry spaces efficient. With a built-in shelving and a stackable washer/dryer unit, you have yourself a laundry. Still, there are more ways to get innovative with your laundry space.

1. An attractive print mat brightens up the floor and protects tile. You can also choose a trendy pattern since it can be easily and affordably changed.

2. If you don’t have natural light filtering into the laundry room, put some thought into a beautiful light fixture that brightens up the space (and makes it easier to locate clothing stains). Go glamourous with a chandelier, modern with abstract lighting, or hang colourful lanterns for an open space vibe.

3. Build enough cupboards in a large laundry area to store sewing, arts supplies, or children’s sporting equipment.

4. Hang inspirational wall art such as metal quotes for visual interest.

5. Incorporate a quiet safe space for your furry family member in the laundry room with a cozy pet bed.

6. Make a statement bookshelf, adding favourite family photos framed in vibrant colours.

7. Purchase matching laundry baskets and be sure to create enough cupboard space to tuck them away when not in use.

8. Place a vase of fresh or silk flowers for a bright splash of lively colour.

9. Attach baskets, fancy door knobs, or shelving to walls for additional storage ideas. Contemporary drawer pulls on laundry cabinets also double as hangers for air-drying delicates.

10. Integrate a pull-out shelf in a small laundry space for additional counter area.

Furthermore, creative tile selection makes designing your laundry room fun. Tile is durable, easy to clean, waterproof, and still looks fantastic after years of foot traffic.

1. Choose a colour scheme first and design from there. Since tile is permanent, a neutral background and brighter accent tile in a smaller area, like the backsplash, is a safe place to begin.

2. City Tile, with locations in Burnaby and Nanaimo, has a huge selection of beautiful tile to consider. Choose water-resistant porcelain or ceramic tiles for the flooring—ideal for your laundry room.

3. Alternatively, go exotic if you’re feeling adventurous; City Tile has artistic tile from Brazil, China, Italy, Spain, and Turkey for striking and worldly ambience.

4. The laundry room truly is the perfect place to unleash your love of patterns. Geometric tile patterns in your favourite colours adds dynamism.

5. Alternatively, if you love an understated look, subtle mosaic tiles enhance style.

6. If you’re fortunate enough to have space, a brilliant tile backsplash creates energy in an otherwise dull work area. Classic white subway tile or funky arabesques and hexagon tile are great possibilities.

7. Get back to nature with a more natural stone tile floor, as long as you feel brave enough as it does require more maintenance.

8. Mix and match a variety of tile shapes effortlessly with a neutral colour palette for a calming effect.

9. Let your imagination run wild with wall tile colours. Select blue for a soothing laundry space, red for a pop of drama, or flashy metallic coloured tile for glamour.

10. Consider glass tile for a modern backsplash or accent feature on laundry walls.

When you spend a good deal of time in a room, it should be a beautiful space you love. Our helpful staff at City Tile is here to guide you in creating the laundry room of your dreams.