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City Tile’s Free Design Services

Contemplating a new design project can feel daunting before you begin. After you contemplate the expense of a professional designer, you may be motivated to do it all on your own. However, with so many design elements involved, it’s good to have a professional on hand to help you on your journey.

We’re Here For You

Fortunately, City Tile offers FREE Design Services to all their customers. In fact, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this helpful and enlightening service? Since City Tile has been in existence since 1999, you can trust the expertise of everyone on staff, now operating 16 years at their Nanaimo location and 18 years in Burnaby. We can clarify the mysteries of design work.

Design Services

Our extremely-talented interior designer, Michelle Staniscia, can assist you in making design choices that showcase your unique style. Michelle received her Interior Design diploma from what was once Malaspina, now Vancouver Island University.
Moreover, Michelle is up to speed on all the hippest trends and what’s new and exciting in the design industry. She is also knowledgeable about what is selling like crazy on Vancouver Island and the mainland, as trends are not always the same from one area to the next. Her design skills can assist you in creating a cool space suited to your aesthetic preferences.

Interested in a radiant floor heating system with your tile flooring? Wondering about the latest colour trend in vinyl flooring? Desiring an accent rug but not sure how to tie it in with the rest of your décor? Need to know more about Turkish travertine? Michelle is here to help!

City Tile is Here to Help

From natural stone to ceramic tile, all our City Tile staff has you covered. Our experts can answer questions regarding colour, texture, pattern, and the maintenance entailed with each building material. We can also steer you to the best sealers and cleaners required to keep flooring and countertops looking sparkling new. We’ll further highlight the benefits of each material, such as why a customer would choose natural stone over ceramic tile.
Michelle has been working at Nanaimo City Tile for over a dozen years and she is eager to help you make your home design dreams a reality. You’re sure to learn all about the latest trends and most modern upcoming design schemes with Michelle.

Besides our free design service, the company website offers the Ariana Configurator, the Flaviker Configurator, and the ABK The Planner. Any one of these online tile planner tools will assist you in bringing your interior design vision to life.

No matter if you’re shopping for clients or designing your own major project, City Tile has the experts and design assistance required to get the job done beautifully and professionally. Contact Michelle and any of the expert staff with all your design questions and concerns, and to find out more about City Tile’s FREE Design Services.