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Did you know that City Tile is doing deliveries to the surrounding areas of Nanaimo now? That’s right, they’ll deliver it to you. So, if a customer lives up or down the Island Highway and doesn’t want to make the commute up or down the island to the City Tile location in wonderful Nanaimo BC, they can ask about the delivery service.

Steve Dahaas, is a loyal employee of City Tile for over 14 years and he handles nearly all of the deliveries. He was actually the first employed person at the City Tile location here in Nanaimo.

“I do a lot of the deliveries now,” Steve said.

How far are they willing to deliver their precious tile?

“From down to Duncan and up to as far as Courtney,” Steve said.

After the purchase of a brand new one-ton 2017 Promaster Dodge van, City Tile is off to the races delivering their customer’s longed for tile right to their desired location. Whether that be right to the front door of their home, the office they’re remodeling or even the business that’s in the middle of a new contemporary look.

The delivery service now offered helps meet the customer’s needs by eliminating some of the distance one must travel to pick up their tile. Yes, City Tile is always thinking of their beloved customers.

If a person is up to date with products and tile at the Nanaimo location by frequent in-store visits, or by avidly following City Tile’s website (, then it is easy for them to place an order for the product the desire.

When in-store, simply just ask about having it delivered before purchasing tile. City Tile staff is here to help and will always strive to meet the needs of their customers. This service is perfect for the customers that just simply don’t own a vehicle, like a truck or a cube van, large enough or capable of transporting their tile.

No need to strain one’s self or risk breaking their freshly purchased tile; let us just deliver it to you.

With eliminating the need to travel to pick up an order, a person’s focus can be placed more on the undergoing renovations, which we know can be hectic at times.

If a person knows precisely the tile or product they’re after because of being a long time customer, up to date on products, or have been in communication with staff, they can call City Tile at 250-729-9766 and ask about having an order delivered. Feel free to call just to inquire about a delivery and see if they’re able to deliver to your location.

Have no fear, City Tile is here!




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