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How Ceramic Tile Holds in the Winter

Winter does not just bring with it oodles of fluffy white flakes, but once Vancouver Island is well into the thick of winter one can stop trying to prevent the chaos of muddy paw prints and slushy boots. It can also be difficult to accept the wet footprints that are left on the floor and will be until the birds start to chirp again in spring. One...

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Let’s Talk About Grout

  There is plenty of misleading, obsolete, or just plain wrong information out there concerning the correct way to clean stained grout. From “experts” who swear by using vinegar and other acidic cleaners to grout-cleaning “breakthroughs” peddled by novices or DIY-remedy enthusiasts. The truth of the matter is that cleaning grout...

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Stone and Tile Maintenance

Did you know natural stone can last for thousands of years? Remnants of these structures can and are found throughout the modern world. Look at The Parthenon in Greece, the Taj Mahal in India, or the Great Pyramids at Giza in Egypt—all made from marble and limestone, and all very much still standing. It is because of its longevity that natural stone...

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Mold 101: Things You Need To Know

The last couple of weeks we’ve been focusing on mold and mildew remediation and for good reason. With much of the southern US, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean still recovering from the effects of Harvey, Irma, and Maria, the potential for devastating mold growth is very high. As everyone tries to rebuild and recover from these horrible...

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City Tile Delivers!

Did you know that City Tile is doing deliveries to the surrounding areas of Nanaimo now? That’s right, they’ll deliver it to you. So, if a customer lives up or down the Island Highway and doesn’t want to make the commute up or down the island to the City Tile location in wonderful Nanaimo BC, they can ask about the delivery service. Steve...

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Meet Michelle the Interior Designer at City Tile

Meet Michelle Staniscia. Michelle is the interior designer at Nanaimo’s City Tile. She obtained a diploma in a two-year course in interior design at what was Malaspina but is now Vancouver Island University (VIU). Michelle handles a lot of the marketing, sales and of course interior design at City Tile. She is a loyal employee of 11 years! Michelle...

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Meet City Tile’s First Ever Employee Steve DeHaas

Steve DeHaas is not just a long time employee at City Tile, but when City Tile migrated over to Vancouver Island, from Burnaby, Steve was the first employee that Dominic Staniscia, owner of Nanaimo City Tile, ever hired here in Nanaimo. He’s been with the company for a staggering 14 years! It’s not often that a business owner can say that one of...

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Sealing Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

To seal or not to seal porcelain tile, now is that the question? One trying to find information on this will find that there is an array of different opinions scattered through the results that will come up through google. Some say yay and some say nay. We say it’s more of a personal choice and depends more on the surface of the tile. Porcelain is...

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Tile’s Pet-Friendly

Tired of battling allergies year after year because of all of the junk that gets compacted into the carpet from pets? Their hair and dander start to create a real cess pool right underneath one’s feet. Also, who wants to do the upkeep that comes with carpet. Paying a Sneezing. Carpet cleaner, or doing it oneself, and the weekly vacuuming, which also...

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An Introduction to Porcelain, Ceramic, and Stone Tiles

All types of tiles with their myriad colors and designs sparkle on floors, walls, courtyards, and other open surfaces. Moreover, they tend to last a long time and are generally weather proof. They are easy to maintain also and a suitable wipe with a damp cloth is enough to kept them gleaming all the time. Tiles are generally of three types: ·   ...

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Heated or Unheated, Tile is Prudent

Let’s just face it; carpet is indeed a thing of the past. Even vinyl or wood flooring is becoming nondesirable through the eyes of homeowners. What is easier to maintain than tile? Lay tile down in the bedroom? That seems absurd but intriguing at the same time. Wouldn’t tile be too cold on the feet when a person rolls out of bed in the morning? “A...

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Kitchen and Bathroom Trends of 2017

“Trend,” is a word that people either hop right on board with, like a train leaving the station, or avoid it like a contagious plague. Often, it comes down to taste and the differences in those tastes through the younger and mature customers. So, what kitchen designs are trending today in Nanaimo? “ Natural looking furniture and back to the stone...

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Truly a Family Affair

Trends come and go, but top quality tiles sourced the world over never grow old. Enter City Tile. Truly a family affair, City Tile was founded by Vince and Mena D’Andrea, and opened in Burnaby in September of 1999. Four years later during a fishing trip, “Uncle” Vince approached his good friend Dominic Staniscia about coming on board as a partner...

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City Tile Expands with Purchase of Neighbouring Property

It’s official. There’s changes in the wind for City Tile. City Tile owner Dominic Staniscia has purchased the adjoining land, site of Mostar Mini Storage, which will be renamed City Mini Storage to tie the two businesses together. According to, the condo boom, aging baby boomers, downsizing, divorce, death, and changing tastes, have...

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Looking for outdoor patio ideas, think Porcelain tile!

If outdoor paving is on your to-do list this spring or summer, then porcelain is the way to go. That’s right. Porcelain. “There’s no grout and no pin set, so there’s no chance of efflorescence, no chance of cracking, or fading. Porcelain pavers are very, very strong,” says Nanaimo City Tile owner Dominic Staniscia. The go-to guy in these parts for...

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